Administrative Services
Administrative Services
Online Applications
  1. These services are provided free of charge. The application allows us to plan your visit.
  2. Qualified applicants: Non-profit organizations or groups.
  3. Number of people: More than 20 (less than 80)
  4. When to reserve: 14 days before visit.
  5. To request a volunteer guide, please make a reservation by emailing or mailing official documents or correspondence to No. 1-20 Zhuzihu Road, Yangmingshan, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11292 (Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters, Attn: Guide Application).
  6. If you have any questions, please phone us at +886-2-28613601 ext. 801~810 (Interpretation and Education Section) or send us an email. ( ).
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Headquarters Visitor Center mini movie theater (for weekday reservations, please check the appropriate box)
- Chinese language version English language version Japanese language version
  1. The Headquarters visitor center accepts reservations for the small movie theater (Chinese, English, and Japanese versions available; due to the high number of screenings, reservations are not available on weekends).
  2. Group can choose one of the following movies on arrival
    *Films in English: In Love with Grass Mountain, The Story of Datun Volcano Group, Encounter with the Insects in Yangmingshan National Park, and The Four Seasons.
    *Films in Japanese: In Love with Grass Mountain and The Four Seasons.
    *Films in Chinese: In Love with Grass Mountain, The Story of Datun Volcano Group, The Four Seasons, Encounter with the Insects in Yangmingshan National Park, and The Treasures from Yangmingshan National Park.
Volunteer Guide Routes 【Check the appropriate box】
  1. After the application has been accepted, we will assign a volunteer guide for the day of your visit.
  2. There are a total of 5 routes, all of which take approximately 4 hours (->Car→ On foot). Please arrange your own transportation and be prepared to pick up and drop off the volunteer guide; routes and schedules are subject to slight adjustments.
  3. Reservations are not accepted over Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and from December to February.
Fishermen’s Trail (Qingtiangang visitor center → Jinbaoli gate → Hanbing’s house → Xuyan Bridge → Checheng → Shanghuang Creek parking lot)
Lengshuikeng-Qingtiangang Route (Lengshuikeng visitor center → Lengshuikeng-Qingtiangang trail → Qingtiangang → Circular trail → Qingtiangang visitor center → Lengshuikeng-Qingtiangang trail → Lengshuikeng visitor center)
Erziping Route (Headquarters Visitor center movie -> Erziping trailhead → Water park → Datun visitor center → Erziping visitor center; due to traffic restrictions, only medium-sized buses are permitted on the Bailaka Highway)
Yangming Park Route (Headquarters Visitor center movie → Mt. Qingxing Trail Miaopu entrance→ Yangjin Highway pedestrian trail → Yangmingshuwu (entry fee required) → Zhongxing Road → Yangming Park → Yangmingshan Bus Terminal)
Headquarters Visitor Center-Xiaoyoukeng-Yangmingshuwu Route (Headquarters Visitor center movie ->Xiaoyoukeng-> Yangmingshuwu (entry fee required)