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Mt. Ding - Mt. Shiti Trail Tour

The "Mt. Ding - Mt. Shiti" is a very beautiful and leisurely trail in the eastern part of the Yangmingshan National Park. The combination of carpet grass and lush peacock pine forest gives visitors an experience of riding a train through green fields and a green tunnel. The peacock pine forest is reminiscent of a Moso bamboo forest and is a very comfortable and tranquil casual hiking trail.

Peacock Pine Forest Path, Shitiling, Dishan
Peacock Pine Forest Path, Shitiling, Dishan

Recommended route

  • Fengguikou → Silvergrass Trail → Peacock Pine Forest Area → Mt. Ding → Mt. Shiti → Qingtiangang
    *This is a public trail, but part of it includes walking on a motorway; please evaluate your physical ability.
    * Road conditions: Slow and steep slopes, flat roads, shady tree trails, and other roads; total length: approximately 6 km.

Site Descriptions

  • Peacock Pine Forest: Walking into the peacock pine forest, the quiet and tranquil atmosphere is at once relaxing and refreshing.
  • Mt. Ding & Mt. Shiti: 360-degree panorama of "Mt. Qixing", "Qingtiangang", "Mt. Huangzui", "Mt. Dajian," and "Mt. Dajianhou." Glimpses of Mt. Zhuzi and Mt. Xiaoguanyin between the dense forest, and plains.

  • Qingtiangang

Visitors should bring:

  • Backpack, drinking water (at least 1000ml), lunch, hat, lightweight raincoats. [Essential]
  • Camera, binoculars, any personal medicines, hiking stick (or long umbrella). [Optional]
  • A joyful heart [essential]; please clean up and dispose of any waste in garbage cans to protect our environment.


  • Getting there: MRT Jiantan station → S18 bus → Tingyuxuan → Fengguikou
  • Coming back:
    1. Qingtiangang → 108 shuttle bus →Yangmingshan bus station → R5 or 260 bus → MRT Shilin or Jiantan station
    2. Qingtiangang → S15 bus → MRT Shilin or Jiantan station
    3. Qingtiangang → 108 shuttle bus →Yangmingshan bus station → S9 or 230 bus → MRT Beitou station

Information provided by: Chongyan Wudian ecology studio

Last Updated on 2018-02-18