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Jinbaoli Trail History Tour

The traditional Taiwanese saying of "wind on Yangmingshan, the rain at Zhuzihu, and the Jinbaoli Trail" describes the three most iconic sights of Yangmingshan. Jinbaoli Trail was not only the lifeline of the area but also an important commercial and traffic route in the past. At more than 30 kilometers long, the trail was responsible for the transport of commodities such as tea, sulfur, and fish. Tudigong shrines, stone houses, stone stoves, water canals, and stone bridges can be found along the trail. Though it has many names—such as the Fishermen’s Trail, tea trail, or the marching road—walking along it reminds visitors of the early settlers who were here long ago. Let us preserve the historical Jinbaoli Trail for future generations. After an intellectual and emotional journey, visitors can relax their minds and bodies in the hot springs and be embraced by the essence of the earth.

Xuyan Bridge on Fish Road
Xuyan Bridge on Fish Road

Recommended route:

  • Lengshuikeng → Qingtiangang → The Gate → Bai-erkan water source → Stone Quarry → Hanbing’s House → Xuyan Bridge → Shanhuang Creek Bridge
    * Visitors with heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc.: please assess your physical abilities before embarking on this route. Total distance: approximately 6.5 km.

Site Descriptions:

  • Jinbaoli Trail

Visitors should bring:

  • Backpack, water bottle, lunch, notebook, pencils/pens, light raincoat.【Essentials】
  • Cameras, binoculars, and personal medication.【Optional】
  • A joyful heart【essential】; please clean up and dispose of any waste in garbage cans to protect our environment.


  • Getting there:
    1. MRT Jiantan or Shilin station → S15 → Lengshuikeng visitor center
    2. MRT Jiantan or Shilin station → R5 bus → 260 Yangmingshan bus station → 108 Shuttle bus
    3. MRT Beitou station → S9 or 230 bus → 260 Yangmingshan bus station → 108 Shuttle bus
  • Getting back:
    1.Shanhuang Creek Bridge → 1717 Royal Bus → MRT Shilin or Jiantan station
    2.Shanhuang Creek Bridge → 1717 Royal Bus → 260 Yangmingshan bus station → S9 or 230 bus → MRT Beitou station

Information provided by: Chongyan Wudian ecology studio

Last Updated on 2018-02-18