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Longfenggu Hot Spring Tour

"The wondrous and odd shape of the rocks with lofty mounds gushing boiling springs" these are the verses Yu Yonghe wrote down describing Longfenggu in his "Bihai Travels" during the Qing Dynasty.
Beitou—the home of hot springs. The area has seen both prosperity and an economic lull over the years. Now it presents itself with a grace and elegance that is sure to revise visitors' image of Beitou. An understanding of the mountains, earth, plants, culture and architecture leads to an understanding and respect for nature and the path of living together with nature, loving and protecting the land that nurtured us.


Recommended route:

  • Yangmingshan National Park Longfenggu geological area → Puji Temple → Dire Valley → Beitou Creek → Beitou Hot Springs Museum → Enjoy the hot springs → MRT Xinbeitou station

Site Descriptions

  • Yangmingshan National Park Longfenggu Geological Area: Feel the roar from the earth's core
  • Dire Valley: Dire Valley is located next to the Xinbeitou water park and was known as "Hell Valley" and "Guigu". It was named among Taiwan's 'Eight Places and Twelve Sights' during the era of Japanese occupation and has the title of "sulfur spring, jade fog".
  • Beitou Hot Springs Museum: Overview of a century of historical changes of the Beitou hot springs.

Visitors should bring:

  • Backpack, water bottle, lunch, notebook, pencils/pens, light raincoat.【Essentials】
  • Cameras, binoculars, and personal medicines.【Optional】
  • A joyful heart【essential】; pplease clean up and dispose of any waste in garbage cans to protect our environment.


  • Getting there: MRT Beitou station → 230 bus → Alight at Dunxu High School
  • Getting back:
    1. MRT Xinbeitou station
    2. 216, 218, 266 bus

Information provided by: Chongyan Wudian ecology studio

Last Updated on 2018-02-18