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When one mentions spring in Yangmingshan, most people conjure up the image of the noise and bustle of the flower-viewing season. Although there are many Taiwanese cherry blossoms and azaleas in bloom, most of it is lost to the crowds and traffic. However, if one leaves the premises of Yangming Park onto one of the National Park trails, a variety of thriving native plants will be sure to greet and delight you. Spring on Yangmingshan brings many distinctive plants, from the familiar Taiwan cherry blossoms painting the hills a delicate red to the not-so-familiar Oldham's rhododendron, the park's most common native species of rhododendron. This blossom is a darker red with leaves covered with a fine, golden protective hair. The Chinese hydrangea's asexual white sepals are often mistaken for petals. The real flowers are the small, inconspicuous yellow flowers located between the white sepals. It has a very distinct smell and visitors are invited to come close and enjoy a waft of its fragrance. In addition, visitors might see the red nanmu sprout new shoots. The delicate buds are covered with red scales in the shape of pig's hoofs and are quite adorable.

In addition to these common plants, many other plants will be in bloom along the trails during spring. Leave the crowds and traffic and walk into the National Park's quiet trails and experience spring at Yangmingshan.

Suggested Itinerary

  • Taipei → 260 Yangmingshan bus station → Pedestrian Trail → Headquarters Visitor Center → Pedestrian Trail (0.7km, uphill)→ Zhongxing Road →(1.7km, downhill) Yangmingshuwu → Yangming Park → (1.5km) 260 Yangmingshan bus station
Taiwan Cherry Blossoms
Taiwan Cherry Blossoms
Rhododendron & Camellia Garden
Rhododendron & Camellia Garden


The route is 4.7 km with a gentle slope and is an entry-level trail. The Taiwanese cherry, oldham's rhododendron, and Chinese hydrangea are all in bloom during the spring, and the trail is perfect for families wanting to enjoy the flowers while taking a relaxing hike.

Getting There:

  1. From Taipei Main Station, take the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) bus 260, or the MTC bus R5 from Jiantan MRT station, and transfer to Park Bus 108 at the Yangmingshan Main Bus Terminal and alight at the visitor center.
  2. From Beitou MRT station, take the Danan Bus Company bus S9, or the Dana bus S8 from Shipai MRT station. Visitors can also take the Kuang-Hua Bus Company bus 681 from the Neihu and Donghu MRT stations and alight at the visitor center or Yangmingshan second parking lot.
  3. On holidays and weekends visitors can take the San-Chung Bus Company bus 111 from Xinzhuang or the MTC bus 109 from the Wanfang community and alight at the Yangmingshan second parking lot

Return Trip:

  1. From the Yangmingshan Main Bus Terminal, take the MTC R5 or 260 to return to Shilin, Jiantan, Taipei Main Station, etc.
  2. From Yangjin Highway or Shengli Road, take Danan bus 230 or S9 to return to Beitou, Danan S8 to return to Shipai, or Kuang-Hua bus 681 to return to Neihu.
  3. On holidays and weekends, take San-Chung bus 111 to return to Xinzhuang or MTC 109 to return to the Wanfang community.
Last Updated on 2018-02-18