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The Yangmingshan National Park Vision for Development


The Yangmingshan National Park Vision for Development Yangmingshan National Park has the distinctive Datun volcano group and is the upstream catchment area of the Greater Taipei area. The park features a complete, natural ecosystem and is the ecological, societal, and economic lifeline of Taiwan's northern coast and the Taipei basin. It is the core ecosystem of Greater Taipei and the surrounding islands.


Due to global warming and fluctuations in weather patterns, Yangmingshan National Park has a vision for development based on sustainable development for Taiwan. We will work to protect and preserve Datun volcano group's geological wonders and vegetation, construct northern Taiwan's base for carbon sequestration and water supply, protect the natural succession and heritage of human culture and relics, and promote aboriginal life and culture as well as the national park's goals of preservation, education, and recreation. At the same time, we will combine regional governance to form a link between the national park areas and the surrounding corridors and habitats. We will lay the foundation for sustainable development in Taiwan with environmental education and ecological aesthetics and planning. Important steps include:

  • Maintain diversity of the ecology and natural and cultural landscapes.

Yangmingshan is located in a low-elevation subtropical mountain region with volcanoes, geothermal energy, grasslands, forests, north-descending effect vegetation, ice age relict vegetation and various exotic plants and animals. It is a geological and ecological microcosm of Taiwan and has important ecological research value.

  • Healthy ecological conservation and management
  1. To promote the conservation, research and long-term environmental monitoring of natural and cultural resources.
  2. To ensure the health of stream corridors and water resources.
  • Providing a friendly environment for recreational activities
  1. To promote the application of green architecture and ecological engineering concepts to provide a safe and barrier-free recreational environment.
  2. Introducing information and communication technology (ICT) To be applied to environmental interpretation and education, recreational services and business management.
  • Expand the network and benefits of environmental preservation and education
  1. Counsel communities on environmental improvements, improve park services, and improve the quality of the environment for local residents.
  2. Establish relationships with relevant academic institutions and conservation groups, and establish a regional platform for cooperation.
  • Connecting with the world

The Datun volcano group is a potential World Heritage Site because of its unique volcanic geographical landscape and bountiful natural resources. We will follow all international regulations vigorously to conserve its natural and cultural resources in order to connect with the world and work together to protect and preserve our precious natural and cultural heritage in order to pass them on to future generations.

Last Updated on 2018-02-18