2017-10-13 The "New Thinking, New Energy - Earth Education Workshop" will run in Taiwan on November 8 - 9 and November 11 - 12 Interpretation & Education Section
2017-09-07 Starting from October 1, 2017, Yangmingshan National Park will charge fees for guided tours. Interpretation & Education Section
2017-04-25 Joseph Cornell, the author of Sharing Nature, is coming to Taiwan in early June to host a workshop.Welcome your participation! Interpretation & Education Section
2017-01-12 Enjoy the Mountains with Public Transportation! The administration offices of Yangmingshan National Park will open as usual and offer its services during the Chinese New Year holidays. Interpretation & Education Section
2016-12-22 Get Ready for the 2017 New Year's Day Mt. Qixing Climb! Interpretation & Education Section
2016-12-20 Star Fountain Environment Academy is hosting the "Little Farmers’ Craze for Harvest: Volcano Farming" winter camp. Elementary school students from grades 4 to 6 are cordially invited to sign up! Safety Services Section
2016-09-02 We invite you to spend a "Leave No Trace" Mid-Autumn Festival at Lengshuikeng and Qingtiangang Grassland Qingtiankeng Service Station
2016-08-24 The Yangmingshan East–West Vertical Traverse kicks off on September 1! Meet us there for relaxation, tranquility and nature! Interpretation & Education Section
2016-05-27 Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters will be hosting the "East Asia Coastal Region Chestnut Tiger(Parantica sita niphonica) Mark-Release-Recapture International Conference" on June 3, 2016. Conservation Research Section
2016-04-25 Charming Taiwan 2016 - Qixing Mountain Trail Running Challenge” Has Not Obtained Authorization; Contestants are Urged to Refuse to Participate Qingtiankeng Service Station
2016-03-23 Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters Reiterates No Cross-Country Race Policy on All Park Trails Safety Services Section
2016-03-04 88th Anniversary Celebration of the Zhuzihu Ponlai Rice Foundation Seed Field (Now Known as the Zhuzihu Ponlai Rice Foundation Seed Field Story House) Will Be Held on the Afternoon of March 8, 2015 - All Spots Are Now Full! Interpretation & Education Section
2016-01-08 Section of Zhonghu Road of Armaments between Lengshuikeng and Qingtiangang Is Narrow and Winding: Drivers Urged to Exercise Caution Qingtiankeng Service Station
2016-01-06 2016 Yangmingshan National Park Environmental Education Activity Interpretation & Education Section
2015-12-29 Gives Thanks to Mother Earth by Participating in the 2016 New Year's Day Mt. Qixing Climb-A-Thon! Interpretation & Education Section
2015-12-28 Yangmingshan National Park's Latest Attraction "Zhuzihu Ponlai Rice Foundation Seed Field Story House" Set to Open on December 23 — All Are Welcome to Attend! Interpretation & Education Section
2015-12-24 Juansi Waterfall Trail Restoration Completed, Set to Re-Open on December 25, 2015 Qingtiankeng Service Station
2015-12-18 Get Ready for the 2016 New Year's Day Mt. Qixing Climb-A-Thon! Interpretation & Education Section
2015-12-04 Bayan Hot Springs in Yangmingshan Naiotnal Park Is a Potentially Hazardous Area; To Ensure Public Safety, Entry Is Prohibited Safety Services Section
2015-11-09 Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters Hosts "International Conference of Conservation and Management on Urban Protected Areas" on December 1 and 2 Conservation Research Section