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Conservation & Education
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1 A0086 Spatial structure of large branchiopods egg bank in Siangtian Pond, Yang-Ming-Shan National Park 王俊傑 國立台灣大學生態學與演化生物學研究所 2012/12/01
2 A0080 Study of the Population Changes and Migration of the Lucanus swinhoei 林仲平 私立東海大學生命科學系 2009/11/01
3 A0079 Survey of Terrestrial Vertebrates in Yangmingshan National Park (II) - Area South of Bailaka Road and West of Yangjin Highway 趙榮台 中華民國自然生態保育協會 2009/12/01
4 A0078 Monitor and Restoration Project of Disturbed Habitat of the Erziping Area in Yangmingshan National Park 盧堅富 中國文化大學 2008/12/01
5 A0077 Yangmingshan National Park Corridor System Effectiveness Assessment 劉小如 中華民國國家公園學會 2008/12/01
6 A0076 Study on the Interaction Between Chestnut Tiger Butterflies and Nectar Plants in Yangmingshan National Park 陳建志 中華民國國家公園學會 2008/12/01
7 A0075 The Community Ecology of Branchiopods at Xiangtian Pool in Yangmingshan National Park 周蓮香 中華民國國家公園學會 2008/12/01
8 A0074 Survey of Yangmingshan National Park Terrestrial Vertebrate Fauna (I) Mt. Zhuzi, Mt. Xiaoguanyin Area 趙榮台 中華民國自然生態保育協會 2008/12/01
9 A0073 Comprehensive Survey of Aquatic Animals in Yangmingshan National Park 林曜松 國立臺灣大學 2007/12/01
10 A0072 Molecular Classification, Identification and Genetic Conservation of the Datun Lucanus swinhoei 林仲平 私立東海大學生命科學系 2007/12/01