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Yangmingshan Bus Station
Yangmingshan Bus Station

This station is the Metropolitan Transport's Yangmingshan terminal. It is the starting (or ending) station for bus R 5 (to MRT Jiantan Station), bus 206 (to Taipei Main Station or Dongyuan) and shuttle bus108.

Note: -> Car → On foot *108 shuttle bus stops near these locations.

*Yangmingshan bus station->*Headquarters Visitor Center->*Xiaoyoukeng → Arrow bamboo trail →Pedestrian trail→ Headquarters Visitor Center

Route distance: Take the 108 shuttle bus at the Yangmingshan bus station or Headquarters Visitor Center and alight at the Xiaoyoukeng. Follow the arrow bamboo trail and head back to the Headquarters Visitor Center via the Yangjin Highway. Total distance is about 4.5 km.

Duration: About 120 minutes.
Detailed description: The arrow bamboo trail consists mainly of paved stone and passes two vantage points along the way. The pedestrian trail is a forest path through the neighboring highway and is made up of a paved stone path and stone steps. The path is gentle with minimal slopes, but crosses the Yangjin Highway at four points along the way.

Sights along the way: The arrow bamboo trail is lined on both sides with a dense thicket of arrow bamboo, which is one of the unique sights of Yangmingshan. Although the Yangjin Highway Pedestrian trail is right next to the highway itself, it still remains a tranquil ecological trail. If medical conditions or time constraints arise, visitors can immediately access a bus via the highway.

Note: This is a wet environment and visitors are advised to wear anti-slip shoes. Please be careful of oncoming traffic when crossing the Yangjin Highway.