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Recreation Information
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Mt. Qixing main peak trail
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Yangmingshan Bus Station
Yangmingshan Bus Station

This station is the Metropolitan Transport's Yangmingshan terminal. It is the starting (or ending) station for bus R 5 (to MRT Jiantan Station), bus 206 (to Taipei Main Station or Dongyuan) and shuttle bus108.

Note: -> Car → On foot *108 shuttle bus stops near these locations.

*Yangmingshan bus station->*Headquarters Visitor Center ->*Xiaoyoukeng → Mt. Qixing main peak → *Headquarters Visitor Center

Route distance: Board the 108 shuttle bus at the Yangmingshan bus station or Headquarters Visitor Center and alight at the Xiaoyoukeng. Climb the Mt. Qixing main peak and east peak and return via the Miaopu trailhead to the Headquarters Visitor Center. Total distance is about 4.5 km.

Duration: About 160 minutes.

Detailed description: Stone steps reach the Mt. Qixing main peak from Xiaoyoukeng. The slope is about 30 to 50 degrees; there is not much shade. From the Mt. Qixing main peak to the Headquarters Visitor Center, the trail passes through leeward hills, where the path is often wet, and the downward path mostly consists of very steep portions.

Sights along the way: The arrow bamboo and grassland habitat consists of the area from Xiaoyoukeng to Mt. Qixing main peak. Along the way, visitors will see the special landscape of fumaroles. Silver grass or arrow bamboo line the path. Mt. Qixing main peak is a first-order triangulation station and offers a spectacular view when the weather is good. Visitors can see the Syue mountain range, Taipei City, and the Jinshan coast.

Note: The path is steep and is often wet and slippery. Please wear anti-slip shoes.