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Recreation Information
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Qingtiangang trail
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Yangmingshan Bus Station
Yangmingshan Bus Station

This station is the Metropolitan Transport's Yangmingshan terminal. It is the starting (or ending) station for bus R 5 (to MRT Jiantan Station), bus 206 (to Taipei Main Station or Dongyuan) and shuttle bus108.

Note: -> Car → On foot *108 shuttle bus stops near these locations.

*Yangmingshan bus station ->*Headquarters Visitor Center ->*Lengshuikeng visitor center → Lengshuikeng-Qingtiangang trail → Qingtiangang circular trail → *Qingtiangang visitor center->*Yangmingshan bus station (or MRT Jiantan station)

Route distance: Take the 108 shuttle bus at the Yangmingshan bus station or Headquarters Visitor Center and alight at Lengshuikeng. Continue on foot on the Lengshuikeng-Qingtiangang trail and the Qingtiangang circular trail and return to the Qingtiangang. Total distance is about 4.2 km.

Duration: About 190 minutes.

Detailed description: The Lengshuikeng-Qingtiangang trail has an average slope of 6-8 degrees and the Qingtiangang circular trail has an average slope of 4-6 degrees.

Sights along the way: Hot spring baths are separately provided free of charge for both men and women, and hot springs for feet-soaking are also available. Views of Niunai Pond (Milk Pond) from the viewing platform. A suspension bridge, viewing platform, old cattle grazing grounds, silver grass, and forest trails can be found along the route, forming a richly diverse environment. The Qingtiangang circular trail offers expansive views of the grassland. Silver grass grows in colonies within depressions in the slope. During the fall, silver grass flowers bloom and sway in the wind, making for quite a beautiful sight. The sweet song of the skylark can often be heard across the grassland. The grassland on a sunny day, with blue skies and wisps of cloud is also quite a sight.

Note: Northeasterly winds bring plenty of moisture and rain during September and May. Roads and trails may be wet. Please wear anti-slip shoes.