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Recreation Information
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Menghuan Pond trail
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Yangmingshan Bus Station
Yangmingshan Bus Station

This station is the Metropolitan Transport's Yangmingshan terminal. It is the starting (or ending) station for bus R 5 (to MRT Jiantan Station), bus 206 (to Taipei Main Station or Dongyuan) and shuttle bus108.

Note: -> Car → On foot *108 shuttle bus stops near these locations.

*Yangmingshan bus station ->*Headquarters Visitor Center ->*Lengshuikeng → Menghuan Pond → Qixing Park → *Headquarters Visitor Center

Route distance: Take the 108 shuttle bus at the Yangmingshan bus station or Headquarters Visitor Center and alight at Lengshuikeng. Continue on foot to Menghuan Pond, Qixing Park and finally back to the Headquarters Visitor Center. Total distance is 3.1 km

Duration: About 110 minutes.

Detailed description: The path from Lengshuikeng to Menghuan Pond is a steep uphill climb; from Menghuan Pond to the Headquarters Visitor Center is a steep downhill descent.

Sights along the way: Menghuan Pond is an ecological conservation zone and habitat for the extremely rare and endemic Taiwanese Isoetes (a perennial aquatic fern) and other aquatic animals and plants. A chorus of frogs, insects, and birds resound around the pond, creating a beautiful symphony of nature. Qixing Park has a pavilion, corridor, and bathrooms. The view is great when the weather is good. Visitors might see expansive views of the green hills of Mt. Qixing, Taipei City, Mt. Shamao or the Syue mountain range.

Note: Northeasterly winds bring plenty of moisture and rain during September and May. Roads and trails may be wet. Please wear anti-slip shoes.