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Recreation Information
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Jinbaoli Trail (Fishermen’s Trail)
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MRT Jiantan station
MRT Jiantan station

This is the MRT and bus transfer station near Shilin night market. From here, visitors can take the R 5, 260, and S 15 buses to Yangmingshan.

Note: -> Car → On foot *108 shuttle bus stops near these locations.

MRT Jiantan station →*Qingtiangang → The gate → Hanbing’s house → Xuyan Bridge → Shanghuang Creek parking lot

Route distance: Pass the gate, Hanbing’s house and Xuyan Bridge via the Qingtiangang to the Shanghuang Creek parking lot. Total distance is about 2.5 km.

Duration: About 150 minutes.

Detailed description: Flat road and slight slopes from the Qingtiangang to the gate; steep downhill slope from city gates to Xuyan Bridge; gentle slope from Xuyan Bridge to the Shanghuang Creek parking lot.

Sights along the way: "The wind across Yangmingshan, the rain at Zhuzihu, and the Jinbaoli Trail" is a traditional Taiwanese phrase describing the three most iconic sights of Yangmingshan.
Jinbaoli Trail was once an arterial road as well as a transport road used for transporting goods such as tea, sulfur, and fish. Along the trail one can find a Tudigong shrine (earth god), stone houses, stone stove, man-made drainage brook, stone bridge, and other curiosities, all relics of previous inhabitants of the land and reminders of earlier days.

Note: Northeasterly winds bring plenty of moisture and rain during September and May. Roads and Trails may be wet. Please wear anti-slip shoes.