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Recreation Information
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Yangmingshan Bus Station
Yangmingshan Bus Station

This station is the Metropolitan Transport's Yangmingshan terminal. It is the starting (or ending) station for bus R 5 (to MRT Jiantan Station), bus 206 (to Taipei Main Station or Dongyuan) and shuttle bus108.

Note: -> Car → On foot *108 shuttle bus stops near these locations.


*Yangmingshan bus station->*Headquarters Visitor Center ->*Erziping → Erziping ecological pond → *Qingtian Temple->*Beitou

Route distance: Take the 108 shuttle bus from the Yangmingshan bus station or Headquarters Visitor Center and alight at Erziping. Proceed from the bus stop to Erziping ecological pond and the Qingtian Temple. Total distance is about 4.4 km.

Duration: About 160 minutes.

Detailed description: The path from the Erziping visitor center to Erziping ecological pond is a disabled-accessible trail with smooth, paved roads and a 3-meter wide forest path, perfect for all seasons. From Erziping to Miantianping it is mostly wide, natural gravel paths. Descending stone steps lead to Qingtian Temple.

Sights along the way: The path from Erziping visitor center to Erziping is a disabled-accessible trail with lust trees and foliage, perfect for both young and old in any season. It is therefore, often filled with visitors. Different flowers and plants bloom and flourish along the path in different seasons. Erziping is a plain surrounded by mountains. There is an ecological pond, pavilion, bathrooms, etc. It is often filled with mist, making the surrounding mountains seem smoky and mysterious. Upon continuing downward, visitors will remain on the forest trail. Fewer visitors come here and one might catch glimpses of the Chinese bamboo partridge, squirrels, insects, and other wildlife.

Note: Northeasterly winds bring plenty of moisture and rain during September and May. Roads and trails may be wet. Please wear anti-slip shoes.