Service List
Our website is designed to be hassle-free and accessible to the disabled. The site's main page consists of four main frames. 1. Navigational links frame, 2. Main contents frame, 3. Directions frame, 4. Full-text search frame.
The site's access keys (i.e., shortcuts) are explained as follows:
Alt+U: The navigational links frame has a list of the main links for the site.
Alt+L: The service menu frame is on the left side of the site.
Alt+R: This frame is located on the right side of the site.
Alt+C: The main content frame shows the main document content of the site.
Alt+S: The full-text search frame can be used to search the contents of the site. Alt+B: The lower menu frame appears at the bottom of the site and contains links to other parts of the site.